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If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate. You'll only understand if you have had Chemistry

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Ah the organic chemistry days

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chemistry @ladylind... Is it weird that I understood all of this?!
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phenolphthalein, i may not be able to spell you, but you make labs prettier and more enjoyable.

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The Best Of Chemistry Cat

The only humor I can find concerning Orgo at this hour, after studying....

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14 Jokes Only Chemistry Geeks Will Understand

14 Jokes you'll get most of if you at least half paid attention in Chemistry #geek #jokes #humor

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All the good Chemistry jokes Argon

Haha remember first day of o chem it took me two minutes just to draw a hexagon. Now it's like writing a letter of the alphabet.

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Taking Organic Chemistry? Here Are Survival Tips

Taking Organic Chemistry? Here Are Survival Tips: You need a sense of humor to survive organic chemistry class.

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