Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas - Journal of Organometallic Chemistry - Preparation and structural characterization of [RuCl2(CO)2{Te(CH2SiMe3)2}2] and [RuCl2(CO){Te(CH2SiMe3)2}3]

Current Medicinal Chemistry Journal aims to provide a reliable, up-to-date and freely available scientific information platform that bypasses the delays and accessibility restrictions of the traditional scientific press

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Journal of Chemical Education Great Chem lessons- high level for most MS but when introduced and scaffolded the right way are some truly memorable lessons.

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Printable notebook/workbook and lesson plan for grades 5-8 chemistry. (Sorry the page doesn't have a better picture.)

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Homemade Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Make an Amateur Look Pro!

Chemistry for Kids: Fishing for Ice

Cool Science Experiments for Kids – Get your kids interested in STEM → science, technology, engineering, and math with these easy science projects using physics and chemistry. Create a glitter tornado, shine pennies then turn them green, and catch ice on a string using supplies you have around the house. Smart is the New Cool! #free printable #STEM #lesson plan

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Open Access Article: A Comprehensive Outline of Trastuzumab Resistance Biomarkers in HER2 Overexpressing Breast Cancer

I switched up the foldable that I wanted my students to use for Periodic Table Families, and created this lovely! My kids love creating this type of foldable for some reason. It's a perfect fit for our Interactive Notebook ( INB ). Yay, chemistry!

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