(Rosa laevigata)Cherokee rose.The flower is commonly associated with the   "The Trail of Tears - Cherokee Indians forcibly removed from North Georgia Its petals represent the women's tears shed during the period of great hardship and grief.The flower has a gold center, symbolizing the gold taken from the Cherokee tribe

Georgia State Flower: The Cherokee Rose

Cherokee mother and children. Note the African American child with them. That was a common thing then.

"Many Native Americans welcomed African Americans into their villages. Even as slaves many African Americans became part of a family group, and many intermarried with Native Americans. Many later became classified as Black Indians"

NativeTech: Indigenous Food and Traditional Recipes - fry bread recipe for Nez Perce tribe (Kaya - American Girl)

NativeTech: Indigenous Food and Traditional Recipes.I made it without the canned tomatoes and corn.

CookBook ***** Cherokee.org

CookBook ***** Cherokee.org

The sacrifice of Native Americans ;; ha this made me giggle :) gotta love the nishnob life x)

Must be tough so true.people complaining about immigrants should remember they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for immigration-legal or not. Unless of course you are Native American, then by all means, feel free to complain!

Cherokee Indians and African Americans | afro, native americans and Black Indians

Traditional Woman Dancer I attended the August Nansemond Indian Tribe Pow Wow. I try to capture images of the faces of people attending to show the diversity of the people. This woman caught my eye because of her wonderful hair and proud face and posture.

Cherokee Nation > Online Cherokee language classes

The official homepage of the Cherokee Nation features news, cultural and historical articles, an events calendar and other links.

The Oklahoma Historical Society and the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s Office has partnered to digitize and index Oklahoma and Indian Territories incorporation records.

Found my great grandfather (Cherokee), great grandmother (Cherokee) and great great grandfather (full Choctaw) all registered Indians. I'm Choctaw & Cherokee.