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I've been ordering this tart cherry juice from Brownwood Acres for several years. It initially repaired some arthritic inflammation in my joints (especially knees). I suffered from joint pain for several years before I became vegetarian, but within a couple of weeks of drinking this juice, several years of pain disappeared. Seems magical, but I'm sure it's the powerful anti-oxidants. In my experience, all the claims about drinking this juice is true. If you suffer from chronic joint pain…


Everyone knows how delicious cherries are, but did you also know they are a wonderful way to help relieve pain, avoid premature aging, and add years to your life? FruitFast Tart Cherry Juice is America's #1 selling brand of Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate, and a convenient solution that I use it in my powerades & sports drinks, smoothies and drizzled over So Delicious Dairy Free coconut, almond or soy milk ice cream. Look for it in your local grocery stores' health food/juice section.


Cherry Juice Concentrate-it contains a high level of melatonin a potent antioxidant that can help relieve the pain of arthritis, gout, and even headaches. Research done by Michigan State University also shows that Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate can reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks and vericose veins.


drink Tart Cherry Juice in the evening to lower cortisol levels. Also it naturally has melatonin in it to help make you sleepy.

from Swanson Health Products

Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate


Frozen Whiskey Sour

Frozen Whiskey Sour In a large blender fill blender with cubed ice (about 3/4 full); Add one frozen can of lemonade and orange concentrate.; Add the top shelf whiskey; Add 1/4 cup cherry juice; Add sugar; Blend, high speed; Taste if to strong for your taste add ice cold water. re-blend; Pour into chilled glasses; Fill each glass and garnish with a cherry and orange slice; Enjoy!

from Swanson Health Products

Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate


Vitacost 100% Pure Black Cherry Juice Concentrate -- 16 fl oz - Vitacost #homeopathy - My wife & I have enjoyed the benefits of a tablespoon of Pure Black Cherry Juice for years since we learned that it cleanses the liver and kidneys of Purine impaction which allows purines to be flushed from our bodies instead of building up in our toe joints, ankles giving false arthritis distress pain. Purine crystals are the cause of a joint pain filled life! We'll take a dose daily, forever…