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Zoo Keepers Save Orphaned Baby Meerkat at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

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Chessington Zoo blessed with a little miracle: Gorilla mother keeps baby close to her heart just hours after giving birth

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A baby Western Lowland Gorilla at the Chessington Zoo in the UK. (photo from

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Comet, an elephant from Chessington Zoo spends the weekend as a waiter at the Trocadero Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus, London, December 19...

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A camel at Chessington Zoo is measured for a respirator at the Air Raid Precautions Department in Surbiton.

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Beatrix, a she-lion at Chessington Zoo, carries her newborn cub. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images). 30th May 1968

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Siberian Tiger taken at Chessington Zoo years ago when it was just a Zoo.