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Described as the baddest Marine that ever lived... General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, having earned 5 Navy Crosses during his lifetime, he had a "never give up, kick the enemy in the ass" attitude... He is the other mascot of the Marines... OOH RAH!!!

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CHESTY PULLER USMC I met Chesty Puller in 1962 in the Commissary at the Yorktown, VA Naval Weapons Station

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A Young Chesty Puller - not so easy to distinguish from an old Chesty Puller or his unidentified but clearly related fellow Marine in this photograph.

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Enjoy this photo of Lt. Gen. Chesty Puller out of uniform, hands in his pockets. The photo comes from a special collection of Puller documents at the Marine Corps Archives.

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Chesty Puller Ribbons | Medals Major General Lewis B “Chesty” Puller and General Holland M ...

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Rah! Marines got it down to a science! (Dedicated to Herb Williamson ,Sr. USMC who was at Chosin Reservoir action in Korea and survived that and previous service in the Pacific in WW 2....h white)

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