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Chiaroscuro photography

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In these last minutes, she saw finally saw the light, her salvation came just a little too late

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Moira by *bittersweetvenom

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8. Chiaroscuro,This picture uses light and shade to emphasize the boy. All we can really see is the window the has light going through it landing on the boy.

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Chiaroscuro effect using harsh lighting on one side against a black backdrop.

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Just stunning - Caravaggio. Detail from 'The Denial of St. Peter'. A master of Chiaroscuro.

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Art of Sensual Emotion

dance photo by stairway great use of shadow and light in this black & white photography

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Saskia de Brauw & Kate by Boris Ovini for Exhibition #1, beauty, beautiful, bella, belleza, bello, bonita, bonito, people, gente, female, femenino, feminine, women, mujeres, woman, womanly, mujer, fashion, moda, trendy, B, black & white, black and white, blanco y negro, art, arte, photography, fotografia, fotografias, photograph, beauty photography, fotografia de belleza

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chiaroscuro - A technique of high contrast lights and darks in painting, notably in the Baroque period of European Art.

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Oil on Canvas Self Portrait with Candle by Anna Gilhespy realistic traditional oil painting portrait. Visit for more-Chiaroscuro (Carravagio)

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