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Chicago Police Officer Pat Barret examines 13 bullet holes in a glass window at the scene of an attempted murder, c. 1928


Video Released Of Black Teen's Fatal Shooting By White Chicago Police Officer

Video Released Of Black Teen's Fatal Shooting By White Chicago Police Officer : The Two-Way : NPR

LAW AND ORDER: Portrait of a Chicago Police Officer, Lincoln Park beat (hence the LP on his cap and lapels), c.1910’s, Chicago.


* 1967 ~ Chicago Police Officer travels 217 miles between work & school [read story below & where he is now... further down].


: Chicago’s Police Department’s first female officers, 1913 The starting salary of a policewoman in 1913 was $ 75 a month, and each officer was assigned an area to patrol—often a beach, park, bus terminal, railroad station, or dancehall. Their duties included protecting girls from unsavory types who might lure them into danger and arresting girls for wearing questionable swimming costumes at the local beaches. via Chicago History Museum


Flayed Human Skull Antipasto Platter

This recipe is one of my personal favorites and has been my go-to Halloween appetizer for years. Not only is it delicious, it’s creepily realistic…so realistic in fact that I’ve used it on camera before for a CSI investigation themed film shoot. One of the actors in that shoot, a former Chicago police officer, told me that it was disturbing how much the prosciutto-wrapped skull looks like the real thing. I didn’t ask for more details and he didn’t elaborate. Pr...

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Chicago Police Officer Charged With Murder After Shooting a Black Teenager Sixteen Times

A Chicago police officer accused of shooting a black teenager sixteen times will be tried for murder.

Chicago police officer shoots & kills teen: Black Women, why blame cops for gun violence? | AT2W