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10 Classic Chicano Movies Everyone on the West Coast Grew Up Watching | Film | Remezcla

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10 films to introduce my non-Latino boyfriend to my chicana life

The number one song in the US on September 08, 1987 was La Bamba by Los Lobos…

This Image means a lot to me because I am a big movie watcher and his is one of my favorites its symbolic to the american dream that everyone is chasing. It motivates me to go out and chase my own dreams. scarface to me serves the autonomous motivation in my life

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Blood In, Blood Out (1993)

Blood In, Blood Out (1993) Hispanic gang life in and out of prison and their struggles. Based in LA in 1972

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Dangerous Minds | Youth gone wild: San Francisco street gangs of the 1960s set to a bongo blasting beat

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