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Chicano artist El Moises has created a series of paintings based on lotería, the traditional Mexican board game. Playing off the 54 different images on lotería cards, has updated them to include a few of Arizona's notorious politicians (for example, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is El Diablo). Caption info from link

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CHICANA FEMINISM, also referred to as Xicanism, is an ideology based on the rejection of the traditional “household” role of a Mexican-American woman. In challenges the stereotypes of women across the lines of gender, ethnicity, class, race, and sexuality. Most importantly, it serves as a middle ground between the Chicano Movement and the Women’s Liberation Movement.

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Photo (NeoMexicanismos)


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❤~☆@msbrandis7286☆~❤ More

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Pinturas de Jesus Helguera!

I have this as a statue! I love it!

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Photo (NeoMexicanismos)

neomexinaismos so true, when you are born in the U.S. this is what happens

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One of the first Fonts that I have seen that actually resembles writing that I grew up seeing in the neighborhoods.

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14 Must-Read Works Of Chicano Literature

"Cortez and Troncoso gather the most thought-provoking essays on this topical subject, many of them heartfelt testimonies by writers whose experiences and observations became unsettled by the realities of the escalating conflicts along the border. Eschewing nostalgia and romanticism, these essays are less about offering short-sighted solutions and more about imagining long-term efforts to reclaim the vibrant border culture in service to the two nations that share it."

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Sugar skull moon tattoo

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