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How a Hen Makes an Egg & Egg Oddities.

How a chicken forms eggs, why some have multiple (or no!) yolks, and all sorts of great information at a young teachable level.

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Chicken and Chicks Craft

Hen and chicks craft with lift-able wing! Hide those chicks and count them. Fine motor skills in the making with some math and imaginative play!

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20+ Winter Boredom Busters for Backyard Chickens!

Whenever chickens are suddenly confined to spaces smaller than they ordinarily enjoy, boredom and behavioral problems such as feather picking, and egg-eating can result. By having some go-to boredom busters up one's sleeve in lousy weather, chickens can be kept busy, entertained and happy until Mother Nature gets her act together.

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Chicken gazebo in-progress! Anti-hawk hut. via The Chicken Chick on Facebook

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Keep your new chicks healthy with these Pasty Butt care and prevention tips from TSC + Kathy Mormino, the Chicken Chick

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Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Chickens

So, you want to keep backyard chickens? Some lessons are painful and expensive to learn by experience, so in the hope of sparing some growing pains for those about to embark on chicken-keeping, I have asked my Facebook fans what they wish they had known before they began keeping chickens. The following are some of their replies and a few of my own.

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Molting. What is it and How to Help Chickens Get Through It

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A home-made chicken feeder - made by the chicken chick on facebook

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Drop in Egg Production: Causes & Solutions via The Chicken Chick®

Decrease in Egg Production: Causes & Solutions

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Handmade Egg Cosy / Warmer Crochet Easter Chicken / Chicks / Hen

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Make a Cookie Tin Waterer Heater. Under $10, & 10 minutes!

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When to Move Chicks from Brooder to Chicken Coop

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Chicken Checkup: DIY Physical Exam

Chicken Checkup: DIY Physical Exam, a post from the blog The Chicken Chick, written by Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick® on Bloglovin’

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Baby Chick Basics. What you need to know to get started.

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Got FLIES? Vanilla Scented Christmas Trees in the Chicken Coop

The Chicken Chick®: Got FLIES? Vanilla Scented Christmas Trees in the Chicken Coop

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15 Tips to Reduce FLIES Around the Chicken Coop

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