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Can back child support cause my tax refund to be intercepted? - child support - Stange Law Firm, PC

Recovering Back Child Support: What to Know. Even though there are many safeguards in place to help recoup back child support, federal and state laws regarding this matter can be hard to understand. Consulting with a lawyer for child support will help custodial parents better understand their rights as well as begin the process of receiving late or non-payments. #FamilyLawRights #childsupport #childcustody


Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law offer a better solution: you pay for appointments with a child support attorney one meeting at a time so that you can better represent yourself.

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Training Series: Child Support in California - 844-292-1318 California legal aid - Certified Family Law Specialist Steve Hittelman will discuss, among other things, how to assist a client with obtaining a child support order and the interplay with Dept of Child Support Services in California. This discussion was hosted by the Chapman University School of Law in association with the Young Lawyers Division of the Legal Aid Society of Orange County on 1-13-2012 as a training

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Over $100 billion in unpaid child support

"If those payments aren't made and the children then need to go on public assistance, payments are supposed to be made to the government in the form of reimbursement. About 49% of that back money -- or roughly $53 billion -- is owed to the government, according to Joan Entmacher, vice president of family & economic security of the National Women's Law Center."