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Child Support Recovery

"Remember that the reason you're doing this is to make YOUR life better" not your kids lives as child support is meant for. Quit buying your new boy toy new trucks, new truck tires, a riding lawnmower, a rowing machine, endless numbers of smokers and grills...I can go on and on and on and on


"A daughter who doesn't receive validation from her earliest relationship with her motherlearns that she has no significance in the world and her efforts have no effect." Dr Karyl McBride - Diary of a Daughter of an Ignoring Narcissistic Mother: Accosted


This are the truest statements I have read or pinned thus far. This was my life and is still the life my children are forced into with shared custody. A shame these kinds just won't leave but image and risk of child support are too important, way more than their children.


knowledge and no contact the only way out of a nightmare like this. surround yourself those who love you and support you! lean on those who are stronger. some days are better than others...tell your story. you're not alone. narcissistic mothers destroy their own families. recovery.


sounds familiar...only add the fact she wants custody to a) not have to pay child support and/or b) so she can get a child support check. She doesn't care what is in the child's best interests and she never has. For her, it's all about HER needs. Well to me, it's all about THE CHILD'S needs. You don't have to give birth to be a good mom, and giving birth doesn't make you a good mom.


If you have been involved in a divorce or paternity matter, and a final judgment for alimony or child support or both has been issued, the Court has the authority to enforce its order by way of contempt. Eagle Recovery Specialists will locate the individual and the assets and make sure s/he pays you monthly what you are due. This will be at no expense to you. Give us a call. 425-557-4352

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Soulful Sundays - Be good 2 yourself

I gave this advice more than once to someone .They didn't want to listen,or try. I guess feeding on their drama was more fulfilling.


Abandonment creates an emotional crisis of such intensity and duration that it mimics a full blown borderline episode. This has caused many a therapist to diagnose borderline personality disorder (BPD) in many a client in the throes of a painful separation. The emotional volcano of abandonment is often misunderstood by the clinician as evidence of serious psychiatric disorder.