Makeup tricks to avoid looking awful in post-childbirth pictures. I looked absolutely frightening after delivering my first baby. I wish someone had at least handed me some chapstick.

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Don't want anyone at the hospital during labor... UNPOPULAR OPINION: Childbirth is Not a Spectator Sport, family, privacy, childbirth.

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Here are five simple changes can make a big impact on pelvic health and alignment which will support feeling strong and empowered throughout your pregnancy and into labor. Your goals should be to untuck the pelvis, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, learn ace-in-the-pocket relaxation techniques, build strong legs and glutes,

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Pregnancy Nutrition Guide................  Women Infographics

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide................ Women Infographics

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The "Motherload" of information from a very experienced birth doula on how to give birth like the boss you are.

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