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Such angry reactions to truthful statements speak volumes. Just more the same. Projection. Denial. Aggression. Shock me, please, with some mature behavior. I don't struggle with the insecurities that you do, so I know where my intentions stem from. When you are ready to stop the childish behavior on Pinterest, approach me. We can speak like adults.

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Your childish behavior just continues to prove my point. Hilarious! But i did enjoy the info that provided, it's useful.

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There are some adults that still just don't get it and feel the need to play childish games . After all these years they still can't get over the nonsence of the past and have to bring up old bullshit!! Grow the fuck up already and get a fucking life!! You've been preaching that for years now. How about you follow your own advice!!!

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Oh sweetie, you can wrap up that bullshit in excuses and even put a bow on that bitch, but it's still bullshit!! *Have you ever wanted to say this to someone?* * I certainly have!* *Tired of people hiding behind cheap excuses for their childish behavior!!*

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I am all done with your childish behavior. the sooner you get it thru your head that him and I are together and happy. and that We are going to have to get along for the sake of the kids. the better everyone will be! GROW UP JESS

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