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But forreal though. I wasn't fake or anything. Everything was laid out for you and all of a sudden it's a surprise?

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It piss me off when grown ass adults act like children and don't act their age. Grow the fuck up your not in your 20's anymore! I hope I never stoop to their level and act like a damn child when I turn 40.

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You learn a lot about people when they don't get what they want.....

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Just being me..I have no time to deal with drama..especially people who think they are better than others.

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If you have something to say, say it to my face. Otherwise, sit your ass down and have a big hot cup of Shutthefuckup

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Yep! Heartless. Someone who you thought was lifelong friend turns to be someone like this

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''If someone treats you badly, just remember: There is something wrong with THEM. Healthy people don't go around destroying others.'' source: Buddism

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