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true story...I can call a few names that have had my number and wasn't woman enough to tell me what her problem was.Grow up childish people.

from Soapboxie

Hillary Clinton Supporters are Amoral, Ill-Informed, Emotionally Childish People

Okay sorry have to say, need to get this off my chest. Hillary Clinton supporters are all of the adjectives you see in the title. Something has to hit me real hard, repeatedly, over and over for me to take the bait and write about it. That's what...

Michael and Lucifer "This petty feud between us is simply childish, people will suffer"


Stay away from still people; still broke, still borrowing, still complaining…and we all know who that is hahaha


Happens on pinterest too...instead of unfollowing an offensive board people report pins like butthurt childish people. My life my business so don't be a juvenile stick up your ass adult and quit tattling like a baby and for once do something mature and just unfollow what may offend you about my page