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A group of children in the middle of a haystack in a field in Pawling, New York, early 20th century (From This Fabulous Century: 1900-1910, scanned by weirdvintage)

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Steve "Sneeze" Wyatt takes half of his classes at the high school, where he attracts the attention of a bully on the varsity golf team, while at middle school all of his friends seem to be falling in love--including Sneeze, himself.

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13 Helpful Phrases to Calm an Angry Child

Phrases you can say when your kid is angry or in the middle of a meltdown. Love the free cheat sheet for parents!

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9 Types of Play and Why They Matter #Infographic #Children #Games

9 Types of Play and Why They Matter #Infographic

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Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122 or 1124 – 1 April 1204) was Queen Consort of France,and also Queen Consort of England. She was one of the most powerful women in Middle Ages. In 1157 she gave birth to her favorite son Richard the Lionheart. She outlived all her children except for King John and Eleanor, Queen of Castile. Eleanor of Aquitaine was renowned for her powerful personality and leading her sons in rebellion against their father, King Henry II.

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Thinking of Syria again today; with all that's happened in Brussels today, you have to hope that soon the world will turn their eyes to the Middle East and give the same sympathy and concern for those men, women, and children that fear for their lives every day. #mybrand #LeoInterns

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Clap Your Hands: 16 Clapping Games for Children's Choir

16 fun hand-clapping games for children's choir - great for a gathering activity or quick change-of-pace in the middle of rehearsal! | @ashleydanyew

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⏰Tempting idea to decorate the classroom clock......because middle school kids cannot tell time.⏰

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Make your own working catapult! (Directions are included in the Project Passport: The Middle Ages)

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