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Chile's Flag What the colors and symbols mean. Star represents- progress and honor. Blue represents- The sky and the Pacific Ocean. White represents- "for the snow covered Andes, Red represents- the blood that has been spilled to achieve independence.


Mapuche's flag I live in chile, south america. in my country we have more than a wonderful place, nice people in north and south of our country. We have a rich culture and good roots, the people of the earth, or rather Mapuche, who for years have been discriminated against by the inhabitants of this country. is the most sacred thing we have is as much our there and still there are people who are in this constant discrimination and appropriation of lands belonging to them. This is their…


Chiles en nogada based on an old family recipe from Yuriria, Guanajuato that dates back at least until the 1950’s. Chiles en nogada are meat stuffed poblano chiles bathed in nogada, a walnut cream sauce and garnished with pomegranate seeds and parsley. September is the month in which chiles en nogada are typically served Mexico to celebrate Independence Day. The dish has the colors of the Mexican flag, green, white and red.


Chilean Barbie doll wears a charming costume based on the clothing of the huaso, or Chilean cowboy, which is worn for roundups and rodeos. Her bolero jacket is worn over a traditional dress with ruffles on the top and a black skirt on the bottom. Her costume sports a hat and sash banded in red, blue and white, the colors on the Chilean flag.