Sambal Oelek - A recipe for homemade Sambal Oelek, the classic chili paste used for cooking, made with a variety of ground chili peppers, vinegar and salt.

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Making your own Chinese hot chili paste (La jiao jiang) If you like spicy food, la jiao jiang will become your new best friend. You will hold it and pet it and name it George. You will wrap your arms around it and purr.

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Ancho-Guajillo Paste – This is an all-purpose chili paste recipe made with ancho and guajillo chili peppers. Use it to flavor soups and stews, pasta sauces, slow cooker recipes and so much more. I have this in the refrigerator all the time as a quick go-to for massive flavor.

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Gochujang Sauce: (Makes enough for three generous servings.) 1/2 cup gochujang (spicy chili pepper paste, available in Korean markets) 3 Tbsp seasoned rice vinegar 9 drops stevia or 1 Tbsp sugar 2 cloves garlic, pressed 1 tsp sesame oil

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Here’s a quick and easy Korean side dish you can make with spring asparagus. Simply blanch the asparagus and dress with a sweet and vinegary gochujang (Korean red chili pepper paste) sauce

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Thailand Panang Curry with Chicken Recipe Main Dishes with panang curry paste, cooking oil, coconut milk, boneless chicken breast, palm sugar, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, red chili peppers, thai basil

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Spicy Korean Chicken Wings - sticky and addictive Korean chicken wings with sweet and savory Korean red pepper sauce. Finger lickin' good |

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Mama Kim’s Gochujang Sauce Ingredients Gochujang – 3 TBSP Doenjang – 1 TBSP Rice Vinegar – 1 tsp Sesame Oil – ½ tsp Sugar – 3 TBSP Sesame Seeds – 1 tsp Scallions – 1 TBSP Instructions Mix all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk. If sauce is too thick, add more rice vinegar or splash of water. Keep sauce refrigerated after use.

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