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China art

Paper parasol. Chinese Umbrella. Chinese new year. Travel photography. Asian art print. China art. Home decor. Fine art photo print.

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W u X i a — The Empress of China 武则天 Wu Zetian Fan Bing Bing ...

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1962 China, People's Republic [CHN] - Cranes

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Chinese dragons - symbol of good luck - marker and pastel with construction paper scroll ends

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Mr. O's Art Room: 2nd Grade Ming Vases with Cherry Blossoms

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Pastel-glue Panda....for 'Around The World' art camp (China). So fun to do...

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3rd Grade Blue Willow (China)- There is a great book to go with this project. It is The Willow Pattern Story by Alan Drummond.

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Standing court lady, Tang dynasty (618–906), mid-7th century China Earthenware with pigment

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heart 7 "Create It" Ancient Chinese Art: Brush Painting and Stamp Making

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Asian Art...Banners Could also be a 2 day Friday Project

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