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China Gay Video

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REPORT: Bowe Bergdahl Left Note Renouncing U.S. Citizenship Before Desertion; May Have Helped Taliban

Mississippi’s Anti-Gay Segregation Bill Got Unanimous Bipartisan Support

Mississippi anti-gay segregation: Discrimination bill got unanimous bipartisan support.

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Jon Huntsman Trashes GOP, Expresses Campaign Regrets

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Was a Boy Scout Denied an Award Because He’s Gay

So this pin is less about the actual image and more about the story. A 17 year old male was denied his Eagle Scout Award because of his sexual orientation. I find it absurd that this is even possible.He met the requirements, and they told him that he couldn't earn it because he is gay. I think it goes to show how ingrained the systems of privilege and oppression are in our society. Inequalities are clearly built in the structures of social institutions, such as Boy Scouts.

América : Video muestra la escena de caos y violencia durante la operación para capturar a El Chapo

Percent of Americans Believing in the Resurrection Drops To 64% From 77% Last Easter :: Prophecy Dude

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100 Women: What chance does a young girl have?

Missing Doctor Who episodes found: YES YES YES it's OFFICIAL and not a rumor! I hope "The Highlander" is in there somewhere!!

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Disturbing Video Shows China’s ‘Gay Shock Therapy’ -

A video of a 90-year-old Chinese grandmother unabashedly supporting her gay grandson has gone viral this week - leaving younger members of the nation’s increasingly outspoken lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (#LGBT) community in awe.

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