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Chinaware Gifts

Cup, Saucer and Tea Plate

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Pansy Cups & Saucers

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Japanese style ceramic tea set and wind red set wedding gift cup teapot gift large

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The Fonthill Vase - the earliest recorded piece of Chinese porcelain in Europe, a gift to King Louis of Hungary from Chinese emissaries in 1338.

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Isn't this beautiful? Antique chinese bowl repaired with gold (kintsugi.) Just like people - the most beautiful people are those that has been through hard times, became more beautiful because of it, and are not afraid to show their cracks.

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Wileman snowdrop panel trio~

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Chinese brush is utilized such as wood, bamboo, jade, porcelain, glazed pottery and ceramics or other precious materials. Today Chinese calligraphy brushes are mostly likely for wall art decor, desk accessories or handmade gift ideas.

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end of year project. Students make and write a little "thank you" for their fav teacher.

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