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Purple Sweet Potato Muffins

Many chinese cakes are steamed rather than baked. Another characteristic of many chinese cakes is that the cupcake and muffins will have a split open top. You will often see this in cakes served at dim sum or in chinese bakeries. I love the split open top look. It makes the cake look so soft …


Teochew Traditional Moon cake (潮汕朥饼)

Teochew Traditional Moon cake (潮汕朥饼) | GUAI SHU SHU #guaishushu #kenneth_goh  #Teochew_flaky_mooncake   #潮汕朥饼


Ziyu's Famous Chinese Cake

My best friend is Chinese and sent me this traditional Chinese cake made from easy to find Western ingredients, mainly honey and Greek yoghurt. It's light, tasty and not bad for you.

from คุ้กแพด

ขนมเปี๊ยะ / How to chinese cake

To Chinese,Chinese Cake,How To,Cakes,Recipe


Chinese Cake Ma Lai Gao

Chinese Cake Ma Lai Gao! "This is a steamed castella-style cake that's well-known in Chinese cooking. Recipe by @allthecooks