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CHINESE YEAR OF THE DOG. Get in-depth info on the Chinese Zodiac Dog personality & traits @

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To All You Dog People: Definitively Loving & Devoted: This is The Year of the Horse: 2014 - Your Fortunate Year for Personal & Financial Matters - Learn More: Contact me: Rhoda Gelman:

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I love the face on this powder puff crestie, I have two hairless cresties and hope one day to be joined by a powder puff

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Crestado Chino [Chinese Crested] | Ladra para alertar y aunque su ladrido no asustará a ningún intruso, se toma muy en serio su papel de alertarte a tiempo. Algunos llegan a desarrollar el gusto por aullar o cantar. [He barks to alert. His bark will not scare an intruder, However, he takes guarding very seriously. Some of this breed even develop a taste for howling or singing.].

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