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Teaching English in China: The Cutest Chinese Kids Ever

Teaching English in China was, by far, the most emotionally rewarding and fulfilling thing I’ve ever challenged myself to do.

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任重道远 rèn zhòng dào yuǎn literally means to shoulder heavy responsibilities and a long way to go. 任重 rèn zhòng, heavy responsibilities, 道远 dào yuǎn, a long way to go. It actually is heavily used in Chinese news and other media. The main spirit of this idiom is to encourage people to be prepared for an important task in the long run.

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Chinglish! Hilarious examples of signs lost in translation

after you put your shoes on my face i will fall down carefully i promise!

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English Grammar in the News 'Chinese Students Climb Mountain', Present Simple,

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English Grammar in the News 'Chinese Students Climb Mountain', Present Simple,

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17 of Fan Bingbing's most stunning costumes in The Empress of China

Women of the Tang Dynasty were known to wear revealing attire, yet the censorship board in China suspended and ordered a re-edit of 'The Empress of China' due to the costumes exposing too much of the ladies' chests.

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You are so gorgeous, it's not even funny. <3

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Public witnessing in Seoul, South Korea in front of a busy subway station with Korean, Chinese, and English publications.

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Fashion Fridays: The Headmaster’s Wager. 06.29.2012

chinese fashion

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Ltd. Edition - Music Is My 2nd Language

Especially for Music Majors & Teachers! Music is My 2nd Language! Get yours now! Available in several styles and colors!

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