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Chinese Seal Wine packaging design by Riliang Zhang -
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Chinese Seal Wine - Your Name, My Surname

Chinese Seal Wine packaging design by Riliang Zhang -


Portrait of the Artist's Great Grand Uncle Yizhai at the Age of Eighty–Five, Ming dynasty, dated xiyou (1561 or 1621) Zude (Chinese, surname unknown; active 16th or early 17th century) China Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk; 61 3/4 x 37 7/8 in. (156.8 x 96.2 cm)


Top 10 Chinese Surnames + Origins/Facts - Did you know that the people with the top 3 surnames in China are more than the population in Indonesia? Or the surnames Zhang, Cheung and Chang are for the same Chinese characters? Find out more here!

In 1814 slave trade was abolished in Dutch colonies. The slaves were brutally treated by their masters and their numbers shrank significantly. The government needed workers and recruited Chinese workers. Chinese are the first indentured workers in Suriname. After the abolishing of slavery in 1863, the government again "hired" Chinese male workers. Few returned to China. The remaining Chinese took "black" wives and till today many blacks In Suriname have Chinese surnames.