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from delicious. magazine

Nigella Lawson’s chocolate raspberry pavlova . Made it my own just by using strawberry and blueberries (Raspberries just have too many seeds for me!) absolutely yummy , easy, can be made ahead and looks impressive!!! Great summer dessert!

from Love Swah

hi! i'm sarah. i'm this blog is to celebrate the beauty of food. i make photosets and take requests, so feel free to ask for something after you check my tags (links below) search my tags

from Martha Stewart

And of course, what else would I do with my leftover eggwhites but make a chocolate pavlova?! This recipe is great but neglects a key binding ingredient..1/4 tsp of cream of tartar and about 3/4 tsp of corn starch. Again, to avoid cracking, turn the heat off about an hour in, and leave pavlova to sit and cool.

from Rock Recipes

Gluten Free Chocolate Pavlova Cookies - Whether you bake gluten free or not you'll never throw out leftover egg whites again when you discover these decadent, chewy, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cookies.

from NellieBellie

This homemade chocolate pavlova recipe is a simple and easy recipe that takes just a few ingredients and looks gorgeous!