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Dr Oz: Beat a Cholesterol Test & Cheat on Colonoscopy Preparation

Cheat for your colonoscopy preparation! Did you even know there are ways to cheat on certain health tests, while still reaping the benefits? Dr. Oz enlisted the help of fellow doctors to share some health test secrets. Try eating fiber and starch before a cholesterol test.

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How to Interpret Your Cholesterol Test Results

Learning how to interpret your cholesterol test will help you to learn how high of a risk you have of developing heart disease.

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Fasting may not be necessary before cholesterol test

#Health:Fasting may not be necessary before cholesterol test.People are typically told to have no food or liquids other than water for nine to 12 hours before cholesterol screening

2016-10-18 - Do I still need to fast before a cholesterol test?


When A Cholesterol Test Becomes A Vice Instead Of A Virtue

No single concept has permeated American medical culture to the extent that our anxiety about cholesterol has. Old or young, man or woman, rich or poor — everyone wants a cholesterol test.