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Uh oh! You left it out mom picked it up. She's got your stuff you're out of luck. To get it back you must do a chore. Again it's yours just like before.

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Don't know how to get your kids to do their chores? Try one of these DIY chore charts and come up with a reward system! You'll be surprised with the effect!

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Always on the lookout for the better chore system. I know these things about chore systems: If they aren't simple, they won't work. It doesn't matter how cute or how much money you've spent on the chore chart, if it doesn't work for your just won't work. AND, because kids change and lives change, chore systems must change or they quit working.

I’ve come up with a simple chore chart that will help my kids understand what I am expecting, step-by-step. PAINT CHIP CHORE CHART is simple and free

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A Brilliant DIY Kids Chore Chart -

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