ADOREABLE DIY CHORE CHART for KIDS: Basically each chore magnet contains a chore that needs to be done once a week by each child. Once done, it can be moved to the “done” section. Larger sized magnets are for big jobs like cleaning the playroom or sorting out games and small toys. List of possible chores: -SHOES & COATS -BOOKS -DUST -LAUNDRY -MAKE BED -CLEAN ROOM -CLEAN PLAYROOM -CLEAN LIVING ROOM -GARBAGE -ORGANIZE TOYS/GAMES

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YOU PICK 35 Chore Magnets. 1 Kids Activities To by ilostmyslipper

Chore system....Your child chooses what to do for how much. (Instead of money, the reward can be minutes of video games/TV, stars towards a large reward such as water park visit, etc.)

To make this Chore Chart you will need a cookie sheet, bottle caps, epoxy dots ( white vinyl (cut with Cricut), a 1 inch hole punch, and magnets

The Almost Perfectionist: Morning Routine Charts. Did it in an afternoon; woulda finished faster but Mommy duty calls and I had to keep stopping. I had to use superglue to get the magnets to stick. More

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