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Chore Sticks: The Simple DIY Chore System for Kids That Really Works

Chore Sticks - the SIMPLE chore system for kids that works so well, they'll beg you for more work to do! Find out how here, plus pick up your free printables!

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chore sticks free printable... I ❤❤❤ this printable!! We are so doing this one!

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Tired of fighting with your kids over chores? Check out this simple DIY chore system for kids that works so well, they may even beg you for more things to do! No fancy stuff or DIY-talent required, “Chore Sticks” is easy peasy to set up. Plus get your free printable chart here too!

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Chore Sticks: A Child-Friendly Approach To Chores

I should stop being surprised at the excuses my children come up with for NOT doing work. – My legs are tired. – I’m feeling sweaty. – I just did chores last week. – I…

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Simple Chore and Reward System: As children complete chores, they move the chore stick to the ‘done’ jar and place a marble from the ‘Good Deeds Marble’ jar into the ‘Rewards’ jar. Once the ‘Rewards’ jar is full, celebrate your children’s good deeds with a new toy, a special meal, day trip to a favorite spot, or any other favorite activity. Additional marbles can be added for good behavior, good deeds, on any time children make a special effort to be helpful or well-behaved.

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Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese

I decided my kids need more accountability for how much screen time they get.... So I made these Popsicle sticks... And now... They are seriously fighting over who gets to do what chores... Wow... Smh... At least I will have a clean house!! #momwin

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Simple Chore Jars for Kids

Get your kids cleaning with these Simple Chore Jars for Kids - Our Three Peas

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Incentive to help around the house... chores listed on popsicle sticks attached using velcro...

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How to Create a Chore Chart That Works

DIY: Tongue depressor chore labels - cut out and glue to sticks. (Ready to take it online? Try

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Simple Chore and Reward System Your Kids Will Love + Free Printables

Kids will be home starting next week. Let's keep our sanity and begin Summer Boot Camp. Loving these Chore Sticks.

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