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"I'm not playing a Hannibal Lecter type, but he is a complicated soul." —Tom Hiddleston [on Sir Thomas Sharpe]. Crimson Peak

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In Crimson Peak, the red dress (shown desaturated in this picture) instantly establishes Lady Lucille as being different from the pastel-clad partygoers (including Edith) and associates her with blood.

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Tom Hiddleston as Sir Thomas Sharpe. Full size image:

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'Crimson Peak' exclusive: Mia Wasikowska flees the darkness in Guillermo del Toro's Gothic chiller

“[Usually] the marriage is sort of the climax or the high point of a story,” the director says. “I tried on Crimson to say that the horror starts after the marriage. This girl wakes up in a strange place, not her own home, not her own bed, and she little by little realizes that she knows less about the man she married than one would expect. The curious thing is the love story really starts when they acknowledge that darkness.” [Entertaiment Weekly. Link…

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Audio: Tom Hiddleston Guide Through for Crimson Peak - Legendary VR Source: Torrilla

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The stunning costumes at the heart of Crimson Peak mirrored Guillermo del Toro’s sculptural visions of the film. Source:

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