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FEELS. Chris Rodriguez and Clarisse La Rue.

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Viria: When the world gets too heavy, put it on my back, I’ll be your levy (x) for some reason my feelings are exploding and I cannot help it. Clarisse and Chris for their ship week

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Chris and Clarisse. I feel like this pairing made me happier than it was intended to.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Chris Rodriguez x Clarisse La Rue - Chrisse

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: ) I never, ever thought Clarisse could ever love anyone. Turns out she does, and a traitor at that! (But then he does come back to the good side and it's all happiness yay!)

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Clarisse la rue and chris rodrigeuz (i forgot how to spell his name oops) -@kerkopes

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Images of Chris Rodriguez from percy jackson - Google Search

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Tratie>>>>>> it looks like travis and a girly version of clarrise

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Clarisse La Rue and Chris {I REALLY love them. Just Sayin}

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If I guy gave me a bouquet of arrows and daggers, there would be a 100% chance I would date him. XD

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