Bae ain't bae if bae don't pray Lol yes

How to pray for your future boyfriend

How to pray for my daughters' (future) husbands

A man who will lead you to God and not to sin, is always worth the wait...More at http://quote-cp.tumblr.com

this is tugging at my heart rn

The perfect guy loves God.

The first and last are the most important things in a guy! These are the guys you women need to look for! These are the guys worth dating.and more importantly worth marrying! Maybe not the god part for me personal but I can't wait to meet this guy

But when the Bible speaks of love, it measures it not by how much you want to receive it but how much you’re willing to give yourself to someone.

I love this fun pose and candid-looking shot.

Prayers for My Future Husband, Day 12! Read it here: http://alovelycalling.com/prayers-for-future-husband-2/

Prayers for My Future Husband, Day 12

As a Christian girl, you are here on a mission for God. A non-Christian boyfriend will not share this same mission with you because He does not serve the same King.

Let this encourage and guide you to direct your eyes first to God then that one godly man.

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10 Bible Verses on Why a Guy Can’t Make You Whole, But Jesus Can

A Godly relationship should Build the one you have with Jesus, Not replace it.

10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up a Godly Relationship

Christian relationships. Dear future husband....

Dear Future Boyfriend/Husband, praying for you unceasingly.

Daughter's boyfriend test...Insert the boy's name for each love attribute in Corinthians 13:4-6

Scripture teaches us a lot about love and relationships. And in 1 Corinthians we have a wonderful & to better understand God& definition of Love. Use these versus when teaching young girls what to look for in boyfriends and ultimately mates!

I waited 2 years for my wonderful boyfriend I love very much. 2014 we met an 2016 we got together:)

Trusting God is often hardest in the waiting. If you learn to trust Him, be patient, and rejoice in whatever season you are, it will be one million times worth it. Everything God is preparing you for is worth the wait

Christian Guy vs Godly Man... Whoa this is so amazing. Every young Woman of God needs to know this before she dates anyone who calls himself a Christian.

Christian Guy vs Man of God. Whoa this is so amazing. Every young Woman of God needs to know this before she dates anyone who calls himself a Christian.

Even though all of these are what I want, my list would only have 10 things or less. :b

I have been meaning to make a list like this for my future husband and this matches everything I want in a future husband and more. Every girl should be looking for a Godly man like this. They deserve to be treated right, not like they are trash.

Christian Bucket list - not boyfriend. Husband, when the time is right. ❤️ Waiting for him.

Have A Christian Boyfriend. I don't think I could Date any other man. I don't care what kind of Christian he is I just want him to love god as much as I do

How to Pray for Your Long Distance Boyfriend | Radical Christian Woman

How to Pray for Your Long Distance Boyfriend