Christian Kane from the show Leverage and lead singer of the band "Kane"

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Christian Kane Category: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Role: Eliot Spencer (Leverage) There is nothing wrong with the job Christian Kane is doing on this show.

Elliot from Leverage

Julian Kavanagh (aka actor/singer/songwriter Christian Kane) from Book "With Caution" ~ U.

Christian Kane ~ He could bang me like a screen door in a hurricane! Ohh La La .... Come and Getcha Some Christian! Mmmmm!!!

Christian Kane - Loved him in Angel, more so in Leverage. This Western girl even forgives him for being a Country boy. country for this Punk-rockin Metalhead.

Christian Kane of the t.v. show "Leverage" as well as lead singer of country rock band "Kane"

Christian Kane of the t. show "Leverage" as well as lead singer of country rock band "Kane"

Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane in Dante I would like to be in the middle of that hug. ;-)

Christian Kane Jensen Ackles such a funny photo of them two don't know who took if of them.  2010 article and interview with Christian Kane .. Intrepid Media .. Tracey Kelley interviewer... Click pic or link to read!

beth riesgarf pic Please keep her credit when sharing This is actor, singer, songwriter, stuntman, cook!