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Do christians really know why they say Amen after every prayer. The Egyptian origin of of the word Amen. Jesus the son of God = Horus


I don't agree with any religion but I believe in religious freedom, Muslims should be able to live safely in America without hate crimes being committed against them by Christians


Ah, but it was dark not because they believed in God, but because they didn't see the difference between allowing the church to rule over thier lives and allowing a God of love to take up residence in their hearts.

Religious "morals" are shit. Thank goodness that we have a bunch of lip service, armchair, religious people who never read their corrupt instruction manual. Because if we did we would live in a violent hateful murderous society full of fear and religious oppression and barbaric delusion.


Christianity - once again the religion of hatred, misogyny and terror. A BIG thanks to donald trump for showing their hypocrisy.


Politics, Religion, Christianity, Separation of Church and State, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religion, Forcing Religion on Others, NOT a Christian Nation, Treaty of Tripoli. The United States is in no sense founded upon the Christian religion. One of these people is lying... It's Jerry Falwell.

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15 Reasons to be Thankful for Jesus

My heart's desire is to really know Jesus. Not who I want Him to be or believe He should be but who He is . . . so I found 15 reasons to be thankful for Jesus.


The "Silent Majority" that elected Trump are turning their Racist Heads and Pretending they don't see or hear the Wave of HATE CRIMES Trump has sanctioned. Our Nation is Forever Changed, Forever Tainted by people with deep seeded HATE. They now have a voice...Trump.