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Are you a prayer slacker? You don't have to be!

After several months of studying prayer, I'm on my way from being a prayer slacker to a prayer warrior. You can be, too. via @lynnae_mccoy

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Why and How to Start a Truth Journal

How true is your thinking? And are you sure you can rely on your internal dialogue? Here's an argument for thinking truthfully and how to actually do it!

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Writing The About Me Page (For Christian Women in Social Media) | Do you agonize over what to write in that bio space? Click through for tips for the Christian woman in social media.

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An effective plan for your faith-based blog or business is not a hard-edged boundary. It is a soft structure that gives you confidence to embrace all God has for you.

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10 Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women

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7 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes for Christian Women

Interested in podcasts but don't know where to start? Problem Solved! These 7 episodes are must-listen for every Christian woman.

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2017 Christian Reading Challenge For Christian Women - HF #52

Join the 2017 Christian Reading Challenge for women and set some amazing (but doable) reading goals this year. Download the FREE toolkit for all the book and category suggestions, resources for finding the time to read, and more!

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The 100 Most Inspiring Christian Blogs On The Web

Would you like to discover some incredibly motivational and inspirational blogs to read? Here are 100 websites for you to enjoy and follow - all written by amazing Christian women.

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