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As our Father makes many a flower to bloom unseen in the lonely desert, let us do all that we can do, as under God's eye, though no other eye ever takes note of it. - Hudson Taylor.


Gladys Alyward - A Christian missionary in China who was originally turned away when she volunteered for mission service. She was so determined to get to China she worked as a maid to earn her own passage. In China, she and another missionary, Jeannie Lawson, ran an inn and told Bible stories to the travelers to spread the Gospel. During the Japanese invasion, she rescued 100 children by trekking them over a mountain. In 1958 a movie was made of her life, “The Inn of the 6th Happiness.”


The Cult like Stupidity, Ignorance and Insanity among Trump Supporters is astonishing. They wear these ridiculous hats (made in China) for a man who is one of the greedy corporations who "took their jobs to China and elsewhere overseas!! They just don't get it!! They never will.


Powerful, Must-See Photos of the Underground Catholic Church in China

Must-see photos of the underground Catholic Church in China: an epic photo documentary by photography Lu-Nan


So, the government should stop giving away free stuff? What about $70 billion per year subsidizing Wall Street banks. $38 billiion is subsidies to oil companies. $2.1 trillion stashed offshore to avoid US taxes. $153 billion per year to subsidize Mc Donalds & Walmart workers. $813 billion per year in military spending (4 to 5 time China AND 6 to 8 times Russia)