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Was this the face that launce’d a thousand ships, And burnt the topless towers of Ilium? - Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss. Her lips suck forth my soul: see where it flies! Come, Helen, come, give me my soul again, Here will I dwell, for heaven is in these lips, And all is dross that is not Helena. I will be Paris, and for love of thee. Instead of Troy , shall Wittenberg be sack’d: And I will combat with weak Menelaus, And wear thy colors on my plumed crest; Yes, I...


Christopher Marlowe - Baptised 26 Feb. 1564 d: 30 May 1593 in Deptford, England. English Dramatist & Poet (Anon. portrait in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, believed to be Christopher Marlowe).


“Money can’t buy love” – Christopher Marlowe - More at:


Christopher Marlowe (baptised 26 February 1564 – 30 May 1593) was an English playwright, poet and translator of the Elizabethan era. Marlowe was the foremost Elizabethan tragedian of his day. He greatly influenced William Shakespeare, who was born in the same year as Marlowe and who rose to become the pre-eminent Elizabethan playwright after Marlowe's mysterious early death. Marlowe's plays are known for the use of blank verse and their overreaching protagonists. A warrant was issued for…