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Chuck Norris Drink: 2 shots Liquid Ice and 1 shot UV Cherry. My personal favorite drink.


Doctors orders, One beer a day -


Titanium Strawt doesn't matter who you are, but you cannot look cool drinking from a straw. That is unless you're drinking from the Titanium Straw ($18). Easily the most awesome straw ever, the Chuck Norris of all straws is made of food grade titanium, which is tasteless, odorless, does not corrode, is non-allergic, and has very low thermal conductivity. And with its lightweight and super strong construction, you can just stab right into juice boxes or fruits you want to drink.

Walker & Royce isn't the name of a Western revolver, a stiff scotch drink, or Chuck Norris' fists, but these two dudes still pack a major punch.

Chuck Norris 1 oz. Cherry UV Vodka 2 oz. Liquid Ice or Full Throttle Blue Demon Energy Drink (or, to taste) This shot is best as a bomb shot. Pour the cherry UV vodka into the center shot, surrounded by the energy drink. Shoot. Enjoy!


(Nun)Chuck Norris wants you to drink for a cause (not just because) at Kung Fu Saloon in Dallas.