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TONS of sight word/beginning reading games to print. Variations of Go Fish, Old Maid, Uno. Disney Princess, Cars, Spongebob themes. High Interest, I'd say!


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Quiz: Which Disney Princess Should be Your Maid of Honor

My favorite Disney princess! I was her for 4 years in a row: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, AND 4th grade!

Okay, here's what I don't understand: look at this dress. What color is it? White to ice-blue right? And it's basically all the same color. Sure, there are some sparkles here and there on the skirt that aren't on the sleeves, but come on people! Whose idea was it to make every single replica of this classy ensemble into that sky-blue and white nightmare that all the Cinderellas are wearing these days? Plus, her hair is strawberry blonde, not sunshine yellow. Not cool, Disney. Not cool.

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Disney princess cinderella lifesize cardboard standup standee cutout poster prop

Disney™ Princess Cinderella Standee | Great way to welcome your guest to your special event! No matter what it may be - Baby Shower - Birthday Party - Girls Night out - Wedding Reception at the Sign in Table or Escourt seating table.