I could not be any more excited about the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the MOMA - art - photography

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Cindy Sherman - Untitled Film Still #21, 1978. Courtesy Metro Pictures, New York.

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cindy sherman (1954) Elle a beaucoup travaillé sur l'identité, qui est elle au final? Car ses autoportriats de femmes ne cessent de brouiller l'image que le public pourrait avoir de l'artiste, mais aussi de l'identité, du sexe, du genre, et des nombreux clichés. L'imitation devient stratégie identitaire, un moyen de déjouer les règles de l'identification sociale.

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has always been one of my absolute favorite photos...from one of my all-time favorite artists.

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cindy sherman. THIS is the first photo by cindy sherman that i ever saw. my professor pointed out the clicker under her show and from then on i tried to find it in every shot. something about this shot is so rosie the riveter yet has an abused and grimy feel to it.

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Cindy Sherman (Saw this at the Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago, it's amazing in person).

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