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The most basic form of ACC theory states that the ACC is involved with error detection.[4] Evidence has been derived from studies involving ...

This is the exact location of my pain/strain feeling from my recent #concussion. No wonder I can't meditate. Brain activity and meditation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anterior cingulate cortex (ACC): the frontal part of the cingulate cortex that resembles a "collar" surrounding the frontal part of the corpus callosum; plays a role in a wide variety of autonomic functions such as regulating blood pressure and heart rate; also involved in rational cognitive functions, such as reward anticipation, decision-making, empathy, impulse control, emotion

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Anxious? Activate your anterior cingulate cortex with a little meditation

Scientists, like Buddhist monks and Zen masters, have known for years that meditation can reduce anxiety, but not how. Scientists have now succeeded in identifying the brain functions involved.

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Frontiers | Is dorsal anterior cingulate cortex activation in response to social exclusion due to expectancy violation? An fMRI study | Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience Note: Effects from ostracism