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Circuit Court Case Information

Callaway County Circuit Court documents regarding State of Missouri v. Celia, a slave - 1855 Supreme Court case that set the precedent that enslaved women could not take legal action when raped by their masters even though rape was a crime Missouri Digital Heritage

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101 years before Rosa Parks and Claudette Colvin, an African American woman named Elizabeth Jennings refused to be removed from a New York City trolley. Her case in the Brooklyn Circuit Court led to the desegregation of all NYC trolley lines. Her attorney? Future president Chester A. Arthur


Coroner releases Whitney Houston’s cause of death

Whitney Houston’s death was just ruled as accidental drowning as well as heart disease. “Heart disease”?? I think it was Cocaine in the first place, that lead to her demise, good old fashion classic Cocaine death case here, She never got over the drugs with and after Bobby Brown .. PS: Cocaine hardens arteries (that’s where the so called “heart” disease comes in).