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Golden Scarab Beetle (Chrysina resplendens) by thebefuddledloris: Light reflected from the beetle is circularly polarized (left handed) due to the underlying structure of its chitinous cuticle. #Golden_Scarab_Beetle

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How to use your Circular Polarized Filter

This photograph demonstrates the effect that lens filters can have on a photograph in order to achieve the photographers desired effect- which would build the atmosphere and tone of the photograph and change the meaning of the photograph.

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Breakages - Taken with Badpter ring, 3DPSlots, Serk filter holder, Haida circular Polarizer filter and Serk 3 stops GND filter. Sponsored by <a href="">3DPideas</a>

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Animal Metallicism: 10 Amazing Golden Creatures

The Golden Scarab Beetle (Chrysina resplendens): its chitinous cuticle reflects circularly polarized light which is “left-handed”. Sounds complicated; looks brilliant!

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B+W XS-Pro Kaesemann MRC Nano 77mm Circular Polarizer Filter

PH0004 3D Glasses Clip Passive Circular Polarized for Polarized TV Real D 3D Cinemas for SHARP SAMSUNG Panasonic Short-sighted