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Bloodiest Day in American History: The Battle of Antietam

*THE BATTLE of ANTIETAM, 1862~ The battle also became ingrained in the minds of Americans because an enterprising photographer, Alexander Gardner, visited the battlefield within days of the fighting. His images of dead soldiers still on the field were like nothing anyone had seen before. The photo's shocked visitors when they were displayed at the New York City gallery of Gardner's employer,Mathew Brady.Antietam, aka: Dead at Bloody Lane.


Time Traveler Constellation Cuff, Jason Mcleod, gold, platinum, turquoise. "Out of this World! Jewelry in the Space Age" at The Forbes Galleries in New York City, Spring 2013


New York Gallery Owner Arrested, Accused Of Trafficking Stolen Antiquities

Nancy Wiener was arrested for allegedly possessing and selling stolen artifacts through her New York City gallery. The court complaint describes an elaborate conspiracy carried out around the world.