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Declaration House ~ Philadelphia. In 1776 Thomas Jefferson rented rooms at the Declaration House. This is where he wrote the Declaration of Independence.


'The Bicycles of Bhavnagar' sketch by Ankur Z. Zalawadia India. Bhavnagar is a coastal city in the state of Gujarat in India. The city has an old part (built before India gained independence in 1947) and a new part. In the old city you can find a sketch to draw in every corner. 'Велосипеды Бхавнагара' скетч Анкура Залавадия Индия. Бхавнагар - прибрежный город в штате Гуджарат в Индии. У города есть старая часть (построена до обретения Индией независимости в 1947 году) и новая современная…


Hiking Independence Trail, Nevada City wheelchair accessible trail just outside of town. Outdoor adventures, Gold Country, California Photo by Val Camp.


I loved Vienna. I loved her because I understood her more than I understood the others. Vienna was my sister, and she was more of a person than an idea. We'd leap over the subway barrier and jump on the train and giggle and watch people for hours, and fall asleep on each other's shoulders. I trusted her the most.