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Claiming Head Of Household

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Head of Household Filing Status, Explained

Taxpayers claiming the Head of Household filing status benefit from a higher standard deduction and lower tax rates than single taxpayers.

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Can Two Taxpayers Claim Head of Household Status at the Same Address?

Can two people claim head of household at the same address? Whether each can qualify for the HOH filing status is a complicated question.

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How to Empower Your Husband to Be the Head of Your Home

How to Empower Your Husband to be the Head of Your Home - Tips that will help you, help your husband. |

Top 20 Life Hacks For Your Medicine Cabinet

Top 20 Life Hacks For Your Medicine Cabinet

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22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!)

After doing a ton of research, I discovered that most of the popular homemade products are extremely easy to make, require less than 5 ingredients, are a fraction of the cost, and are SO much better for your health!


#SoundOff: Nobody Should Trust The DSS Story About Cash In Judges Homes Fani-Kayode African Despots: Idi Amin Dada (left) Muhammadu Buhari It is in this context that one has to view the absurd claims by Nigerias secret police the Department of State Security Services DSS that massive sums of cash ranging from 2 million USD to hundreds of thousands of euros and pounds sterling were found in the homes of all the judges that were arrested in the early hours of saturday morning. If anyone…

We dream of having a clean house but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning? Try out these 10 house cleaning tricks and make your sparkle in no time!


Kate & Trudy | | Household Finance Series - Part 3 Budgeting // gone are the days of bounced checks and missed bills. Get your household finance binder created with this series. There's a lesson on setting up your binder and establishing the bill pay process!

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Why Do I Wear a Covering

Why Do I Wear a Covering? I don't wear a covering, but the diagram of the home's hierchy is a good reminder of how God has ordered the family structure.


God is the head of this house, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation.