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I was so not!!!! But now I know better for when I decide to watch it again. •Clannad & After Story•

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I...I am feels like the universe just shattered around me...I knew it was coming, but even so, I was not ready for it...this anime is beautiful, but so cruel. -- Clannad: Afterstory

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Dango, dango, dango, dango, dango daikazoku. Yancha na yaki dango. Yasashii an dango. Minna, minna, awasete, hyakunin kazoku. Aka-chan dango wa itsumo shiawase no naka de. Toshiyori dango wa me o hosometeru. Nakayoshi dango te o tsunagi ooki na marui wa ni naru yo ~

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Clannad. This series made me cry harder & more often than anything else I've ever watched. I was kind of embarrassed to find out later that it's based on a video game.

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The story of a girl who wonders the world beyond our sights.., but seemingly hoping the best for everyone!!

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awh. poor Akio! I love clannad. Akio is just too lovable too, always contradicting himself. "Shouldn't you two be off somewhere making out? Isn't that what the kids are doing these days? I DIDN'T MEAN THAT! IT WAS NOT A SUGGESTION!!" Although I do love what came before this... "Did you see that Sanae? I did! You falling in love with me again! I am!" Then it just repeated for the next couple in line <3 <3 <3 <3

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