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Eric Clapton - Blues is when wisdom begins to speak.

Clapton at the Crossroads: 'The Guitar Is in Safe Hands'

Eric Clapton Clapton at the Crossroads: 'The Guitar Is in Safe Hands' The guitarist on his new album and whether he'll hang up his six-string for good

On his guitars: 'They all have a soul and they all come alive,' said Eric Clapton

I choked up as my guitars were sold: Eric Clapton on raising £10m for charity but having his heart broken in the process

Eric Clapton --- stole her away from George! He took his wife while playing music on some solo ... white album or whatever... He wrote "Layla" for her. ** THEN John wrote Eric Clapton a letter suggesting that THEY start a band ( you know, like minus McCartney). I don't think he ever sent it though. I'd like to punch him!

Eric Clapton --friend of the Beatles, and wife stealer. Pattie BOyd inspired "Something", and then the overplayed "LAYLA" by Eric Clapton going as Deric & the DOminoes

Eric Clapton - One of THEE BEST Guitarists EVER!  Right up there with, ah . . . with, ah . . .  Oh, never mind, he's in a class by himself!

How Eric Clapton's ex got her revenge - with a little help from George Harrison

Eric Clapton - Born on March 1945 in Surrey, England, Eric Clapton is ranked among the greatest rock and roll guitarists of all time, with songs such as "Layla," "Crossroads" and "Wonderful Tonight.

Great picture of E.C.

He is playing the "Blackie" Clapton strat with studio pickups.I have and play the exact same.

Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight.  My husband and I spent many an evening slow dancing to this when we were first dating.  It was our "song."

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Live) (Video Version) one of my favorites slow dance song